Let me be the first to say that Mel Brooks is not a comedic writer, but a prophet of sorts. I say this because Blazing Saddles (the greatest movie ever made) was not meant to be a hit comedy. It’s really an ingenious foreshadowing of today’s political theater.

Think about it. Obama is Sheriff Bart. The debonair hero, dressed to the nines and pretty much the only character in the movie with a plan, and an IQ in the triple digits. 

Clinton is Lili Von Shtup. The Sassy adversary that eventually joins Obama. 

Biden is Jim. The old Washington gunslinger that becomes Obama’s sidekick and council.

Bush is definitely Governor William J. Lepetomane. No explanation necessary.

Cheney is Hedley Lamarr. Can’t you just hear Cheney screaming “It’s Dick” when someone mistakenly calls him Richard.

… and Rush Limbaugh is Gabby Johnson.

The reason I bring this up is because Limbaugh can’t seem to stop reminding all his listeners that Obama is a nig .. Ding!  Limbaugh hit an all time low the other day with this gem - "People are finally standing up to this this little Boy, this little man-child President. Whose primary job in life has been leisure" Translation - Obama is a no good lazy nig .. Ding!

I’m really growing tired of this crap. Why can’t the far right just come out and say it? Everyone knows that a good portion of these Tea-Birthers are just a bunch rednecks that can’t stand the thought of having a nig .. Ding! for a president. Maybe if they start to admit this obvious bigotry publicly They can move on, and start thinking rationally about the real problems that we face in this great nation of ours. It’s just a thought.

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It was May 5th, 1964. Pyllyis Diller was working the USO shows in Saigon. Kim Jong Il, a known groupie of the USO snuck into Vietnam, blew a roadie to get back stage, and introduced himself to Diller. (Do not read-on if you plan on eating anytime soon.) The two hit it off right away. They went back to a hotel, and proceeded to have what can only be described as an utterly grotesque tryst that would make a goat puke (assuming the goat understood English, of coarse). 9 months later, on February 10th, 1964 Glen Beck was born. A coincidence? I don’t think so. Just look at the similarities between Kim and Beck below:

They both greatly exaggerate: Kim calls his country "The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea", and Beck calls his show "informative". Kim claims to shoot three to four "holes-in-one" every round of golf, and Beck claims to be a "good Christian". 

Kim is an asshole, and so is Beck.

Kim was born on the “Year of the Pig”, Beck is a pig.

Kim and Beck Both act like 6 year olds.

Kim owns a propaganda machine, and Beck works for one.

Kim is Insane, and Beck’s show is criminally insane. 

… and they both claim to care about people.

Now for the looks. This photo below should remove any doubt that you have so far:


Need I say more. The resemblance is uncanny! I just can’t believe that this charade has been able to go on for so many years! Talk about a lack of investigative reporting. I have already contacted @Winkfromblueyes and @tqnews. They are on the case, and gathering up more information. Please stand-by!

Thanks Ajax.

There I was on twitter a while back when @winkfromblueyes tweets me a Billy Idol song on Grooveshark. I listened with pleasure, and then confessed to Winky that I’ve always had this theory that Billy Idol is really Jim Morrison. This was a loose theory based on the similarity of their voices. But when Winky confessed to me that she also thought that Idol could be the former front man of the Doors I had to investigate. Here is what we have so far:

Google “Billy Idol images”, and you will not find a single picture of Billy Idol before 1974.

Listen to “Eyes Without a Face”, and tell me this does not sound exactly like Morrison.

Then there is the looks. Below is a side bye side photo. Notice the shadow I highlighted between the cheekbone and jaw. Also the nose, and jaw line.


Below is an interview with Letterman in 1983. Notice how uncomfortable he becomes when Dave starts asking Idol about his childhood.

According to the Record Billy Idol should be 53 to 54 today. Below is an interview with ET. Does this look like a 53 year old? He looks closer to 68 which is how old Morrison would be today. Also note in this interview that Idol alludes to many overdoses, but there is only one known overdose when it comes to Billy Idol.

I realize that this is a crazy theory, but fun to think about. If we could start a rumor that Idol is in fact Morrison. It would only help Idol’s career, and record sales. So If you know of any other coincidences between Morrison, and Idol please leave a comment, e-mail me, or tell me that I’m off my rocker! 

Thanks Ajax


By Mike Luckovich




by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

As we start to have the healthcare reform debate, I think we can all agree that  we desperately need to fix our healthcare system. Nearly 20,000 Americans die each year because they have little or no access to healthcare. That is six 9/11’s a year. Too many people are using emergency rooms for their primary care, and the administration costs are ridiculous.  The HMO plans cover some illnesses, but not others. This is absurd. How is the average person supposed to know what ailments they will have in the future? Overall, our healthcare system has the fundamental flaw of being simply for profit. This is a serious conflict of interest.

So far the Republican strategy for curing our hemorrhaging  healthcare infrastructure is healthcare savings plans, tax cuts, and free market solutions. You might recognize the last two. The first is absurd. If people have enough money to start a healthcare savings account they can most likely afford health insurance. The second idea is downright insulting. Most people that are currently uninsured don’t pay taxes. Then we have the free market solution. If the healthcare industry can take care of this problem then why haven’t they? They have only had 50 years, or so to disentangle this rats’ nest. Yet the crisis keeps getting worse. If you believe that any of these republican solutions will work, I know of a Nigerian Prince with banking issues you should hook up with.

I think that the only solution here is single-payer healthcare for everyone. How do we get there though? We get involved! In order for the Obama Administration to pass a healthcare bill with a government option, they need the political will. This is where we come in. Send your Congressman, and Senator an email, letter, or better yet call their office. Explain to your elected official that if they expect your continued support they’re going to have to start working for you. Remind them that we Liberals aren’t like Conservatives. It won’t take us eight years to figure out that we’re getting the shaft. Believe me, if enough people contact them they will take note. Universal healthcare was a huge part of the platform that we all fought for in November. Let’s not let our leaders forget that.

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...And the winner of the Liz Cheny look-alike contest is....


by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

Dick Cheney has been on a sort of last throes’ legacy tour these past few months. Going on major networks to spew his poisonous venom long after the final curtain has dropped. Can’t wait to see him on Dr. Phil. Better yet, maybe Dick could do the Jerry Springer show with Lawrence O’Donnell coming in as the secret guest who verbally beats the crap out of him.

Mr. Cheney’s tour took a slight detour the other day when he backed Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell in the GOP. After hearing this I searched Wikipedia to look at the resumes of these two men (ok, one and a half men) I started with Secretary Powell. I was amazed. The original plan was to paste some of his accomplishments on this blog, but I didn’t know where to begin. There were medals, ribbons, decorations, badges, ranks, posts, awards, and an MBA. Now Mr. Limbaugh’s turn. The obvious bright spot (from a righty’s perspective) is a very successful radio career. The rest goes on to describe an Oxycontin-eating narcissist that’s full of shit. Limbaugh is an idiot savant whose only gift is self-promotion.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Cheney picked Limbaugh over Powell. After all he picked himself for Vice-President, and chose the most incompetent administration in our history. The part that irks me the most is that the only blemish on Powell’s record is his WMD presentation to the UN. A task that was commissioned by Dick Cheney’s office. How ironic. Another bad choice.

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