by Ajax Van Eyndhoven
  What is with Michael Steele? Is he insane, dense, an ego maniac, all of the above, or maybe he’s suffering from some rare medical condition that has yet to be identified by doctors?

  First he wants to add hip-hop to a mostly white suburban southern party. Then he correctly calls Rush Limbaugh an entertainer, only to retract his statement a couple of days later with the old “I had a brain fart” excuse. Later he reveals that the whole Limbaugh fiasco was all part of his ingenious plan to weed out his enemies within the republican party. He then suggests that he may be pro-choice. (Yea, that always goes over well with the base) Toss in his bling-bling quote and you have a party chairman living on borrowed time.

  Is Mr. Steele trying to get fired? I don’t know, but recently the chairman was asked to define the republican party, and his response was “I have always defined it in terms of Lincoln. That’s why I always refer to myself as a Lincoln Republican.” Well, Mr. Chairman, I have some wise words from President Lincoln you may want to consider. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Thanks for listening,