by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

I listened to Doing Time with Ron Kuby on Air America today. As usual Mr. Kuby started a very intellectually stimulating debate. The subject was whether the use of torture could be tolerated in these United States if it proved to be affective

This is a nonstarter for me. If we are going to condone torture in this great country of ours. Then we have to take a moral inventory of ourselves. We’ll have to look long and hard in the mirror before we give up the high ground we have staked when it comes to human rights. To hear this discussion on left wing radio almost made me nauseous. 

Anything spewing out of Dick Cheney’s pie hole can’t be considered reliable information. Dennis Blair’s one sentence on the subject might be summed up with the old adage “Even a broken watch is right twice a day.” Now it stands to reason that one could get some useful Intel if they were to torture a terrorist, but Blair went on to say that there was no way of knowing whether a simple debriefing wouldn’t get the same results.

Coercion is a short term goal at best. With a long term ramification of acting as a prime recruiting tool for al-Qaeda. Give me an eight ball of cocaine, and I could instantly cure clinical depression in the short term (12 hour binge). Though I think that my patient might be quite suicidal the very next day. 

No one can prove that torture wouldn’t be a better tool to fight terrorism, but as the recently great Shepard Smith said "I don't give a rat's ass if it helps. We are AMERICA! We do not fucking torture!!" As for me. Anyone that would trade our principles for feeling slightly more secure needs to have their moral compass recalibrated. 

Thank you for listening.


by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

The GOP has become the Dennis Rodman of politics. Due to their lack of ideas the only way repubs can get any attention these days is to say outrageous statements, and make surreal accusations. I won’t go through the list because if your reading this blog you’ve already heard them.

Running up to the election many comedians were contemplating a world without the Bush administration, and were rightfully worried that they would have very little material to work with. But in a strange way W’s departure created a huge  vacuum which has been replaced by  sheer  ignorance. It’s as though the whole republican party is competing in a reality TV show called “American Idiot”. They may not be for stimulating the economy, but they certainly are for stimulating comedy.

How does the GOP get out of this obvious funk, and start debating real issues? Do we need to have a massive intervention day? Maybe a political 12 step program could help. Should we stop mocking them, even though it’s so easy, and gratifying?

I’m not sure what will cure the ailing conservative movement, but I do know this. We need these assholes to dislodge their heads from Limbaugh’s rectal cavity, and get to work. We have serious problems to solve, and need our leaders to act like adults, not contestants on “Big Brother “. If the GOP is going to insist on acting like Dennis Rodman the least they could do is rebound.

Thank you for listening.


by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

Listed below are the reasons why “WOPNWS2” is now the official name of the Republican Party.

Cheney’s out there telling us we are all going to die.

Bachman’s having all sorts of dosage problems with her meds.

Boehner put out a counter budget with no numbers (later putting out a budget that totally shifts the Medicare-Medicaid problem to the states)

Limbaugh needs to get back on the meds.

Pawlenty won’t sign the election certificate if Franken wins (stalling).

The Party is holding up all the under secretary nominations just to obstruct.

I’m not sure if Obama has not gotten a single house vote from the GOP.

Several Republican governors are refusing stimulus money.

Glen Beck is celebrating the 9-12 project (best explained by Stephen Colbert) in March?

Most repubs still think we give a rat’s ass about the culture wars.

Sarah Palin won’t answer questions while on the campaign trail, but will debate an 18-year-old about her daughter’s sex life.

Bill O’Reilly is under the impression that he is a journalist.

Michael Steele is Michael Steele.

(singing) And a partridge in a pear tree.

Thank you for listening