by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

Dick Cheney has been on a sort of last throes’ legacy tour these past few months. Going on major networks to spew his poisonous venom long after the final curtain has dropped. Can’t wait to see him on Dr. Phil. Better yet, maybe Dick could do the Jerry Springer show with Lawrence O’Donnell coming in as the secret guest who verbally beats the crap out of him.

Mr. Cheney’s tour took a slight detour the other day when he backed Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell in the GOP. After hearing this I searched Wikipedia to look at the resumes of these two men (ok, one and a half men) I started with Secretary Powell. I was amazed. The original plan was to paste some of his accomplishments on this blog, but I didn’t know where to begin. There were medals, ribbons, decorations, badges, ranks, posts, awards, and an MBA. Now Mr. Limbaugh’s turn. The obvious bright spot (from a righty’s perspective) is a very successful radio career. The rest goes on to describe an Oxycontin-eating narcissist that’s full of shit. Limbaugh is an idiot savant whose only gift is self-promotion.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Cheney picked Limbaugh over Powell. After all he picked himself for Vice-President, and chose the most incompetent administration in our history. The part that irks me the most is that the only blemish on Powell’s record is his WMD presentation to the UN. A task that was commissioned by Dick Cheney’s office. How ironic. Another bad choice.

Thank you for listening.