by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

The GOP has become the Dennis Rodman of politics. Due to their lack of ideas the only way repubs can get any attention these days is to say outrageous statements, and make surreal accusations. I won’t go through the list because if your reading this blog you’ve already heard them.

Running up to the election many comedians were contemplating a world without the Bush administration, and were rightfully worried that they would have very little material to work with. But in a strange way W’s departure created a huge  vacuum which has been replaced by  sheer  ignorance. It’s as though the whole republican party is competing in a reality TV show called “American Idiot”. They may not be for stimulating the economy, but they certainly are for stimulating comedy.

How does the GOP get out of this obvious funk, and start debating real issues? Do we need to have a massive intervention day? Maybe a political 12 step program could help. Should we stop mocking them, even though it’s so easy, and gratifying?

I’m not sure what will cure the ailing conservative movement, but I do know this. We need these assholes to dislodge their heads from Limbaugh’s rectal cavity, and get to work. We have serious problems to solve, and need our leaders to act like adults, not contestants on “Big Brother “. If the GOP is going to insist on acting like Dennis Rodman the least they could do is rebound.

Thank you for listening.

4/17/2009 01:32:36 am

What kills me is that the GOP doesn't seem to feel any responsibility for the fiscal and military mess they created.


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