by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

As we start to have the healthcare reform debate, I think we can all agree that  we desperately need to fix our healthcare system. Nearly 20,000 Americans die each year because they have little or no access to healthcare. That is six 9/11’s a year. Too many people are using emergency rooms for their primary care, and the administration costs are ridiculous.  The HMO plans cover some illnesses, but not others. This is absurd. How is the average person supposed to know what ailments they will have in the future? Overall, our healthcare system has the fundamental flaw of being simply for profit. This is a serious conflict of interest.

So far the Republican strategy for curing our hemorrhaging  healthcare infrastructure is healthcare savings plans, tax cuts, and free market solutions. You might recognize the last two. The first is absurd. If people have enough money to start a healthcare savings account they can most likely afford health insurance. The second idea is downright insulting. Most people that are currently uninsured don’t pay taxes. Then we have the free market solution. If the healthcare industry can take care of this problem then why haven’t they? They have only had 50 years, or so to disentangle this rats’ nest. Yet the crisis keeps getting worse. If you believe that any of these republican solutions will work, I know of a Nigerian Prince with banking issues you should hook up with.

I think that the only solution here is single-payer healthcare for everyone. How do we get there though? We get involved! In order for the Obama Administration to pass a healthcare bill with a government option, they need the political will. This is where we come in. Send your Congressman, and Senator an email, letter, or better yet call their office. Explain to your elected official that if they expect your continued support they’re going to have to start working for you. Remind them that we Liberals aren’t like Conservatives. It won’t take us eight years to figure out that we’re getting the shaft. Believe me, if enough people contact them they will take note. Universal healthcare was a huge part of the platform that we all fought for in November. Let’s not let our leaders forget that.

Thanks for listening.


Your Brother
6/12/2009 05:54:17 am

You appeared concerned about healthcare which implies you are concerned about health. If you are concerned about health, you can start by quitting cigarettes!

6/12/2009 10:17:06 am

What is with the liberal Dems, winning isn't enough? You want to waste time acknowledging the old administration or that apparently good for nothing Limbaugh? If I where you I'd be sending them thank you cards, due to the back lash supposedly created by the GOP which favored the DNC, virtually every hand out program that has ever been conceived or could ever be conceived is flying through congress virtually uncontested. Shouldn't bite the hand that fed you. Cry wolf enough times and people stop listening.
You want to credit the GOP for everything without any recognition of the contributions of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and their ilk. How unfair to dismiss they're great accomplishments. Maybe I'm missing the point, but now with Government Motors the plan of extending credit to those who have proven in the past that they won't pay, just like they did with mortgages, will have another opportunity to prove it again, this time with cars and trucks. Praise the... Thanks be to... oh yea whomever.
Even middle eastern combatants, get protection of the US Constitution by the enforcement the Miranda Rights notification. I think this is a great idea, but why stop there? I think that the present administration should send all national security personnel home and just give the keys to Washington to all of those we have ever insulted, besmirched, defamed, ignored, bruised, angered or hurt in any way so they can come the Washington and show their true sense of appreciation to the administration and all the members of congress, who will be required to be present as an unarmed welcoming committee.
And by the way, your brother is right?

6/12/2009 11:25:49 am

I read your whole post, and can't believe you think that my brother is right!


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