There I was on twitter a while back when @winkfromblueyes tweets me a Billy Idol song on Grooveshark. I listened with pleasure, and then confessed to Winky that I’ve always had this theory that Billy Idol is really Jim Morrison. This was a loose theory based on the similarity of their voices. But when Winky confessed to me that she also thought that Idol could be the former front man of the Doors I had to investigate. Here is what we have so far:

Google “Billy Idol images”, and you will not find a single picture of Billy Idol before 1974.

Listen to “Eyes Without a Face”, and tell me this does not sound exactly like Morrison.

Then there is the looks. Below is a side bye side photo. Notice the shadow I highlighted between the cheekbone and jaw. Also the nose, and jaw line.


Below is an interview with Letterman in 1983. Notice how uncomfortable he becomes when Dave starts asking Idol about his childhood.

According to the Record Billy Idol should be 53 to 54 today. Below is an interview with ET. Does this look like a 53 year old? He looks closer to 68 which is how old Morrison would be today. Also note in this interview that Idol alludes to many overdoses, but there is only one known overdose when it comes to Billy Idol.

I realize that this is a crazy theory, but fun to think about. If we could start a rumor that Idol is in fact Morrison. It would only help Idol’s career, and record sales. So If you know of any other coincidences between Morrison, and Idol please leave a comment, e-mail me, or tell me that I’m off my rocker! 

Thanks Ajax
7/16/2009 12:04:59 am

Holy carp! I think you are onto something here.....

7/16/2009 12:57:56 am

The looks are spooky, may have something here- especially seeing as how Winky thinks so

joyce johnson
7/16/2009 02:32:19 am

Maybe it would get more people to listen to the doors which could only be a good thing.

7/16/2009 06:53:44 am

How terribly disappointing that would be for Doors fans lol.

7/16/2009 06:56:54 am

I can totally buy this theory but then again I stil belive "Paul is dead".Seriously though,the coincidences are uncanny as are the photos.Crazier shit has happened.

7/16/2009 09:27:02 am

What a co-incidence to see this tweet. Also, just wrote to you with an @ instead of DM on twitter. Oliver Stone's The Doors was on Tuesday night. Had seen it in theater when it first came out. Billy had a role in the film starting when Jim Morrison meets Andy Warhol. Jim drank Tequila constantly and whole movie was pretty much about the binges. Made me wish I had tried acid. Too much of a chicken.
I think Billy Idol was shorter but don't really know.
I for one just don't think Billy's British accent is fake. He had the greatest guitarist I've ever seen perform too, Steve Stevens
Never knew Jim Morrison was so gorgeous while he was alive because I don't remember seeing pictures, just heard the music.
It's a fun theory though.

7/18/2009 04:54:35 pm

I'm not convinced.

1/19/2010 07:09:54 am

Jim Morrison was about 5'11.

Billy Idol was 5'6 wearing a pair of heels.

What'd he do, get some bones taken out? Chop his head off?

I believe I've proved this theory wrong.

8/7/2012 11:34:49 am

I've been telling my kids this for 20 years and they all think I'm crazy. Thanks for lending some credence to my theory.

11/15/2019 12:45:11 pm

Uh there are absolutely pictures of Billy out there before 1974. He's released them himself, his mother has released them on her twitter are you insane?


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