It was May 5th, 1964. Pyllyis Diller was working the USO shows in Saigon. Kim Jong Il, a known groupie of the USO snuck into Vietnam, blew a roadie to get back stage, and introduced himself to Diller. (Do not read-on if you plan on eating anytime soon.) The two hit it off right away. They went back to a hotel, and proceeded to have what can only be described as an utterly grotesque tryst that would make a goat puke (assuming the goat understood English, of coarse). 9 months later, on February 10th, 1964 Glen Beck was born. A coincidence? I don’t think so. Just look at the similarities between Kim and Beck below:

They both greatly exaggerate: Kim calls his country "The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea", and Beck calls his show "informative". Kim claims to shoot three to four "holes-in-one" every round of golf, and Beck claims to be a "good Christian". 

Kim is an asshole, and so is Beck.

Kim was born on the “Year of the Pig”, Beck is a pig.

Kim and Beck Both act like 6 year olds.

Kim owns a propaganda machine, and Beck works for one.

Kim is Insane, and Beck’s show is criminally insane. 

… and they both claim to care about people.

Now for the looks. This photo below should remove any doubt that you have so far:


Need I say more. The resemblance is uncanny! I just can’t believe that this charade has been able to go on for so many years! Talk about a lack of investigative reporting. I have already contacted @Winkfromblueyes and @tqnews. They are on the case, and gathering up more information. Please stand-by!

Thanks Ajax.
7/19/2009 05:43:05 am

As @Winkfromblueyes, this is the most convincing proof of any conspiricy theory out there. This would explain the erratic and Anion gaps in the mind of Beck! Still doesn't explain why a network would have him tho..ahh the next step..who is behind the network


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