Let me be the first to say that Mel Brooks is not a comedic writer, but a prophet of sorts. I say this because Blazing Saddles (the greatest movie ever made) was not meant to be a hit comedy. It’s really an ingenious foreshadowing of today’s political theater.

Think about it. Obama is Sheriff Bart. The debonair hero, dressed to the nines and pretty much the only character in the movie with a plan, and an IQ in the triple digits. 

Clinton is Lili Von Shtup. The Sassy adversary that eventually joins Obama. 

Biden is Jim. The old Washington gunslinger that becomes Obama’s sidekick and council.

Bush is definitely Governor William J. Lepetomane. No explanation necessary.

Cheney is Hedley Lamarr. Can’t you just hear Cheney screaming “It’s Dick” when someone mistakenly calls him Richard.

… and Rush Limbaugh is Gabby Johnson.

The reason I bring this up is because Limbaugh can’t seem to stop reminding all his listeners that Obama is a nig .. Ding!  Limbaugh hit an all time low the other day with this gem - "People are finally standing up to this this little Boy, this little man-child President. Whose primary job in life has been leisure" Translation - Obama is a no good lazy nig .. Ding!

I’m really growing tired of this crap. Why can’t the far right just come out and say it? Everyone knows that a good portion of these Tea-Birthers are just a bunch rednecks that can’t stand the thought of having a nig .. Ding! for a president. Maybe if they start to admit this obvious bigotry publicly They can move on, and start thinking rationally about the real problems that we face in this great nation of ours. It’s just a thought.

Thanks for listening.
Malodius Crazy Man
12/10/2009 01:56:37 am

Nigger Lover
12/10/2009 02:09:44 am

Nigger, nigger, nigger.I love to say it at least three times a day. It keeps my teeth white.I now pronounce that the "N" word is dead.Please free to write,say, or think Nigger without thoughts of guilt.Nice analogy with B. sSadddles. Check out movie called Bamboozeled with one of the Wayans and Jada Pinket Nigger. (Oops, she's not really a nigger, it was just really fun to write.) You must try it sometime. Love Michael Cracker Mathews


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