by Ajax Van Eyndhoven

Listed below are the reasons why “WOPNWS2” is now the official name of the Republican Party.

Cheney’s out there telling us we are all going to die.

Bachman’s having all sorts of dosage problems with her meds.

Boehner put out a counter budget with no numbers (later putting out a budget that totally shifts the Medicare-Medicaid problem to the states)

Limbaugh needs to get back on the meds.

Pawlenty won’t sign the election certificate if Franken wins (stalling).

The Party is holding up all the under secretary nominations just to obstruct.

I’m not sure if Obama has not gotten a single house vote from the GOP.

Several Republican governors are refusing stimulus money.

Glen Beck is celebrating the 9-12 project (best explained by Stephen Colbert) in March?

Most repubs still think we give a rat’s ass about the culture wars.

Sarah Palin won’t answer questions while on the campaign trail, but will debate an 18-year-old about her daughter’s sex life.

Bill O’Reilly is under the impression that he is a journalist.

Michael Steele is Michael Steele.

(singing) And a partridge in a pear tree.

Thank you for listening

4/7/2009 12:08:10 am

Limbaugh wrote a book called "The way thing ought to be," while we try to process an endless conservative demo of "The way things ought NOT to be." They're a snipers dream...right out in the open.

4/7/2009 01:23:12 am



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