LilBughi We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb



IanDavidB #TCOTpickuplines "Say, baby... put down that pipe, and get my pipe... up." -- Bill O'Reilly



Shoq "A libertarian is just a conservative who still gets high." Drew Carey



Wolfrum For those who believe "Their country has been stolen from them" - Iceland is broke - buy it, move there, rename it Whitelandia #p2 #tcot



liberalchik the biggest threat we have now is from inbred right wing redneck uneducated faux luvin freeperville teabaggers



NewsHounds O'Reilly: It's Anti-American Not To Support Racial Profiling Because Most Criminals Are Black: “Hating America” ..



buzzflash Republicans Blamed the CIA, Now They Hide Behind The CIA and Blame Democrats



spacetrucker Exclusive Interview: Michelle Malkin talks about repairing the glass ceiling.



DivadNhoj1981 Katy Perry's underwear #3hotwords II Dick Cheney's diapers #3turnoffwords



HopeChat @ComfyPaws i swear I have seen more of Cheney the last month than I did the 8 yrs he was in office.