NewsHounds Hannity Ignores Holocaust Museum Shooting: Can there be any doubt that if it was a Muslim and/or African America..



antipov Funny how the US prides itself on being smart advanced yet the people cant come together & build a #health care system #p2 #tcot #comrade



EatEmAndSmile Tancredo. Living proof being Conservative stunts the development of the brain. #p2 #rebelleft



MzLaffy Palin is Pallin’ Around With Plagiarists?



maddow My inner 8 year old will not let me do anything today that does not somehow involve this website:



Shoq How to end right wing abortion oppostion forever: Simply call for an Unwanted Child TAX. #p2



TankaBar_Linda "Peace may cost as much as war, but it is a better buy." ~ Author Unknown