Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to Rush Limbaugh. I think that the audio below says everthing about this most vile man. This is deplorable!


Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to Sen. Tom Coburn. Mr. Coburn argues that the "Community" should take care of the healthcare woes in this country, and not "Big government". Well Senator what is stopping the community from solving this problem? If this truly is the solution, then why do we have 18,000 people dying each year due to a lack of healthcare? What about poor community’s? Like the many you have in say,... Oklahoma? 


Today's "What a Rush-hole" goes to Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. First Ms. Jackson-Lee talks on her cell phone during her town hall meeting. Then she Implies that it never happened, and that the video of her speaking on her cell is somehow doctored. And just to make sure that she would win today's award she simply goes into the complete denial by saying that she has not seen the video, and is not interested in watching it. This is pretty funny, considering she said the video was doctored even though she never say it.


Today’s “What a Rush-Hole” award goes to Glen Beck. This is more of a life time achievement award as you can see from this compilation of Beck’s race-baiting bullshit.