Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to Glenn Beck. What the fuck is Beck talking about here, and why is he always crying? This is the typical nonsensical rhetoric with no solutions we've come to expect from the Silver Gopher. How can Beck speak of a better day, when we had honer, and were united. Glenn Beck is the one of the most dishonest and divisive beings to ever walk this planet!


Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to Arianna Huffington. Calling on the Vice president to resign because of one policy dispute with President Obama is ludicrous. I will file this thesis right next to the everyday images of tits shown on the Huffinton Post’s homepage. Just another way to get more hits, so Ms. Huffington’s website can make more advertising revenue. Make no mistake, the common thread that runs through all of today’s problems is greed, and this bullshit statement by Arianna is a glaring example of that.


Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to all of the 30 GOP Senators that voted against Sen. Franken's amen


Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to Michelle Bachmann, and Bill O'Reilly. Ms. Bachmann is on a roll this week. This conversation is pathetic. If republicans had their way women would be bare-foot, and pregnant. That's about it! But what makes this assertion really bizarre is the fact that Rep. Bachmann voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair pay Act!


Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to Michelle Bachmann. This Video pretty much explains everything. I am honestly getting bored with this crap. this isn't shooting fish in a barrel. This is shooting fish taped onto the end of a gun!