Today's "What a Rush-Hole" goes to Sen. Tom Coburn. Mr. Coburn argues that the "Community" should take care of the healthcare woes in this country, and not "Big government". Well Senator what is stopping the community from solving this problem? If this truly is the solution, then why do we have 18,000 people dying each year due to a lack of healthcare? What about poor community’s? Like the many you have in say,... Oklahoma? 

1/29/2011 07:54:11 am

You were joking about your reference to poor communities, right? The GOP doesn't care about poor people unless they're the ones caring for their children, cleaning their homes or mowing their grass. And even that concern is specific to the issues that might render their nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, etc. unable to perform their daily duties.

Let's not forget Hurricane Katrina. Saving or helping poor people isn't profitable. In fact, if you let enough of them die and enough of them relocate to some other poor area of the country, all that will be left are miles oceanfront property ready to be stolen & developed into a new playground for the rich.

Congressional Republicans have no interest in solving problems. The more problems there are, the more they can blame on President Obama for not having fixed it.

By the way, your moniker - "The Socialist Pig"...I LOVE IT! Well played! :)


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